About Emily

Emily Gilbert is an Illustrator based between Bournemouth and London. Having been named after author and poet Emily Brontë, she grew up on an extensive dose of dark literature ranging from the classics like Wuthering Heights to the complex structures within His Dark Materials. Narrative prevailed throughout her creative pursuits, and despite originally wanting to be an author, she discovered she preferred illustrating her stories.

Emily has always enjoyed the dark and mysterious – anything with atmosphere and an intriguing landscape, be it a city, moorland or the seemingly inescapable and endless roads of suburbia.

Having graduated the Arts University in Bournemouth, she has been fascinated with the form of the graphic novel throughout her studies. Emily is also keenly interested in book illustration and editorial commissions.

She enjoys music, art, science, psychology and comic books. She is always seeking out a new project.

Emily has co curated many exhibitions based around Bournemouth and London and has four self published works. She is very involved in self initiated projects when not working on commissions.
She has illustrated for various publications and revels in working with literature, editorial and live art mediums.


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